Why is my iPhone Battery Draining So Fast ?


iPhones are known for long battery backup, but the battery drain is something almost all users face at some point. Also, many users complain that updating to iOS 12 makes the battery drain fast. While there can be many reasons behind why your iPhone’s battery is draining so fast, in this article, we will look at some major ones of them and understand how to fix them.

Here are Some Important Tips to fix it in a Smart Way !


A. Check your battery usage:

App consumes a large fraction of your iPhone’s battery, and figuring out which app is draining your battery rapidly and forcing it quit can solve the problem.

To check the battery usage:
1. Go to settings
2. Tap battery
3. Tap to show Activity
4. Tap on the last 10 days or last 24 hours to see the performance of apps

Normally, there should be a balance between the app’s on-screen and background usage, but if the background usage of certain apps is too much, then you should remove the app or try updating it.

B. Check Your Battery Health:

iPhone itself has some important recommendation for battery usage which can come very handy.
1. Go to settings
2. Tap on battery
3. Tap Battery Health. Here, you’ll get some setting changes to enhance battery performance.
4. Change the settings as recommended.

If there aren’t any setting change suggestions, then it means your iPhone doesn’t see any major problem.

C. Lower the Brightness or Activate Auto-Brightness:

If you keep your iPhone at full brightness, it will not only your battery to drain faster but also affect your eyes.

To change this:
a. Go to control centre. For iPhone 8 and earlier: swipe from the bottom; for iPhone X and later: swipe from upper-right.
b. Move your finger to adjust the brightness to a level you can still see everything clearly.

If you choose auto-brightness, then your iPhone screen will adjust automatically to the light.

To do this:
1. Tap on General
2. Choose Accessibility
3. Choose Display and text size
4. In the bottom, you’ll see Auto-brightness
5. Turn it on


D. Keep Your Apps Updated:

When you update your iOS, older version apps may play a part in the battery drain. If you’re experiencing this, then updating the apps can fix the problem.

To update the apps:
1. Go to App store
2. On the upper right screen, choose your account.
3. If there are multiple apps in need of an update, choose Update All. You can also update apps one by one.
4. Choose Done after you’ve selected the apps to be updated.

E. Restart:

This is one of the most common ways of fixing not just battery but many other problems. And interestingly, it works.

To restart iPhone X and newer versions:
1. Press side button+up/down volume button.
2. You will see a slide.
3. Move it to switch your device off.
4. Wait for some time.
5. Press side button for a few seconds. The iPhone will start

To restart iPhone 8 and older versions:
1. Press side button for a few seconds.
2. The slide will appear.
3. Move it to switch off.
4. After a few seconds, press the side button again to turn your iPhone on.


F. Are Widgets the Problem:

Widgets are very helpful as they give you quick information about time, date, weather and much more. But they are also the reason why your battery drains fast. The wise thing is to remove all the widgets you don’t need.

This can be done by the Today View. To do this:
1. Swipe right on Home screen
2. At the bottom of Today View, you’ll see Edit button.
3. You’ll see all the current widgets.
4. To remove, choose one or more widgets you don’t need.
5. A remove button will appear as you choose them.
6. Click on Done

G. Disable Background Refresh:

This feature allows apps to update themselves with the latest information. This is good for keeping you on with the latest content. But this also means they’re consuming tons of battery in the background.

To disable this feature:
1. Open Settings
2. Click on General
3. Choose background App Refresh
4. Choose Off.


H. Location Can also Drain The Battery:

Location service allows apps to know your location. Keeping it on all the time will definitely consume a lot of battery.
The fact is that only a few apps actually need your location. Moreover, apps requiring your location will themselves ask for your permission. So, unless you really need it, better keep it off. You can choose “Ask Next Time” as well.

To Do this:
1. Open Settings.
2. Choose Privacy.
3. Go to location settings.
4. For apps which don’t need your location, choose never. For apps which may need your location, choose “Ask Next Time”.

I. Disable Raise to Wake:

iPhones have a feature by which the screen lights up when you lift up your iPhone. And if you keep shaking your phone, the screen will keep turning off and on. This poses a major blow to your iPhone’s battery.

To disable Raise to Wake:
1. Open settings
2. Choose display and Brightness
3. Select Raise to Wake
4. Turn it off


J. Low Power Mode:

If your battery is low and you can’t charge it instantly, then iPhone gives you the option of low power usage. It’s true that this feature limits many functions, but it’s a real lifesaver.

To do this:
1. Go to settings.
2. Select battery
3. Turn on the Low Power Mode

K. Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode can Help:

If you are in a region having very low network strength, then your iPhone will keep searching for network and keep draining its battery. To avoid this turn the airplane mode on. Using Wi-Fi also consumes less battery as compared to data connection.

L. Reset Settings and Factory Reset:

This is recommended only when nothing else works. Resetting settings can remove the bugs that cause the battery to die faster.
For factory reset, make sure to create back up for your files because factory reset clears internal memory as well.

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