Top Reasons Why Playing Games on Consoles is Better than Playing Games on PCs


The fight has gone on for so long, and yet we’re nowhere close to deciding the winner. Looking around on the internet, you’ll find more gamers inclined towards PCs. But, if you’re a beginner or if you’re on a restricted budget or if you want a better gaming experience, then Gaming consoles will prove to be a lot better than PCs.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the stark advantages which game consoles have over gaming PCs.


A. Easy Installation:

When you start on a game console, you don’t have to do anything except plugging in the controllers. To play the games, all you need is to insert the disk or download and you’re all set.

On PCs, you need to first download the required driver and installations tools for each and every game. This not only is a complicated task but also a hurdle if you’re on a limited data plan. Moreover, different games require different graphic settings and framerates.

B. Consoles need very little research:

When you set out to buy a gaming PC, you have to look at individual features and specifications for all peripheral devices. Gaming on PC will give the best experience only when you’ve connected all the best devices. And again, there have to be compatible graphic cards.

For consoles, you don’t have to worry about all these. You only need to know your budget and if you want 4K experience.


C. No need for regular updates:

Console can work smoothly even on the latest games for a long time. To play the same latest games on PC, you must update your PC every two-three years.

D. Many AAA games are not on PCs:

AAA games are the blockbuster games. The fact is that most of the AAA games are backed by Microsoft and Sony, and this is why they are available only on Xbox and Playstations.

For example, many popular games such as God of War, The Last Us and Red Dead Redemption are available only on consoles.

E. Consoles have more graphically capable:

It’s true that PCs were the first to embrace 4K resolution and that gave them a lead against the consoles. But now that Xbox and Playstation have come up with consoles with 4K resolution at 60 FPS, consoles are again more powerful than PCs in terms of graphics.

To check the difference between PCs and consoles, many game lovers played Forza Motocorp on both Xbox and PC. Almost all of them claimed that Xbox showed more details than PC. ‘You could even see the controls on the dashboard inside the car, and running around the city was a lot smoother,’ reported one player.

Another game, Middle-earth gave a better visual experience on Xbox and Playstations than PCs with even the recommended FPS.

With Assassin’s Creed as well, Xbox and Playstations were sharper as compared to PCs. With PCs, you actually have to scale down the FPS to be able to play it well.


F. PCs are costlier than consoles:

Price is where consoles secure a one-sided win over the PCs. For a gaming PC, you have to buy a gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, and also a gaming monitor. Adding the cost of all these is definitely a big weight on the budget. Consoles are cheaper since they’re just one package and the controllers.


G. Consoles provide a better gaming environment:

Game consoles can be paired with TV as well, so you can enjoy the games from the comfort of your sofa or the bed. PCs, on the other hand, are meant to be placed on the desks along with the other peripheral devices. This means you’re always stuck on your chair while playing.

Consoles also allow you to play with your friends. With just one keyboard and one mouse, only one player can play on the PC. With a console, however, you can plug in multiple controllers and have your friends team with you.

Playing games with friends while chilling out on the sofa is something you can never have with PC gaming.

H. Console controllers are better:

Not all gaming mice and keyboards are fit for all types of games. Also, gaming mice will surely be an effort to learn in the starting.

Console controllers generally work on all the games. The buttons can be accessed only with the thumbs while the rest of the fingers can rest on the stand.

Both gaming consoles and PCs have their own advantages. But consoles are TV compatible and can create a more gaming-friendly environment. Budget and better graphics are other reasons why you’d be more comfortable with consoles.

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