Secondhandkart’s New “Try On Delivery” Facility


How “Try on Delivery” Works

There are many advantages of online shopping over offline shopping. You get unbelievable discounts, save a lot of time, enjoy facilities like return and exchange, and if you’re shopping with Secondhandkart, then you also get buyback offers. But one facility which you normally don’t get with online shopping is “Try on Delivery”. Offline stores allow you to check and analyze the product and buy only when you like it. In online shopping, the only way you can get your hands on the product is by making payment. Even in Cash on Delivery, you have to pay cash to the Delivery Executive before you can open the box.


It’s true that you can return the product anyway if you don’t like it, but that’s some additional hassle. Moreover, if the reason why you’re returning the product is not listed in the terms of return policy of the site, you can never return the product.

Secondhandkart, which is India’s Premium Marketplace where you can buy certified refurbished electronic devices with full warranty, has solved this problem through their new “Try on Delivery” facility. This facility allows you to open the box and analyze the device you’ve ordered in front of the Secondhandkart’s Delivery Executive. You can check for scratches, stains, functioning, display, sound features etc, and if you like it, then only you have to make the payment and buy it.


Availing the “Try on Delivery” facility is very easy. All you need is to visit, select the device which you want, and order it. At the time of delivery, the Delivery Executive will himself ask you to open the box in front of him.

This service is currently available in Delhi NCR Only, and soon it will be opened for customers all over India.

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