Secondhandkart vs Olx: Which is the Best for Buying Secondhand Products?

The Growing Market Of Secondhand Products

Ever since the e-commerce industry has revolutionized how products are bought and sold, secondhand products are flying in a new sky. While firsthand iPhones and MacBooks cost a fortune, it’s the secondhand products which have taken the charge of fulfilling our dreams of owning expensive gadgets at surprisingly low prices. Online platforms like and are doing an excellent job of connecting buyers and sellers, and it’s the result of their efforts that secondhand products have now become a part of our life.

There are many advantages of buying secondhand phones and laptops, but obviously, there are questions like ‘Is buying a used device safe?’ and ‘Will I get a working product?’ and ‘Will I get any assistance or refund if the product doesn’t work out?’ which keep ricocheting in our heads.


Well, one can never be sure of the stranger who is selling, so then it becomes the responsibility of the connecting platform to make sure the buyers are getting real value in exchange for their money. To understand how well these platforms are taking care of their buyers, let’s study the working of two e-commerce giants, namely OLX and Secondhandkart.

Shopping on OLX? You need to be very careful

If you are planning to buy a secondhand iPhone or secondhand Macbook from OLX, you must have some serious considerations about the following points:

a) Know what you want!

It’s not always possible to find the exact model you’re looking for. So, you should be willing to compromise. You should start by deciding the minimum features you can be satisfied with and then check what the seller is offering you. The narrower your choices are, the less disappointed you’d be.

b) Do Some Serious Research

Don’t agree at once with the seller’s price. Have some google and check how much difference you’re getting. Negotiate with your seller, and if he readily accepts your offer without arguing, then understand that the product is going to let you down.


c) Meeting the Seller

OLX doesn’t provide any logistics. So, getting the deal done can be difficult if the seller is not from the city you live in because neither you’d want to pay before he sends the product nor he’d be willing to send the product before you pay.
And even if you both are from the same city, you’d need to spare some time and transportation charges in order to meet at a convenient place.

d) How will you do the Inspection?

Most buyers and sellers tend to meet at public places for safety concerns. Now, you can easily check for the scratches on the phone and see if the sim-card and sd-card slot are working fine.

But how will you check if the charger is working and if the phone’s charging speed is good? How long are you going to ask the seller to stay so that you’ve checked the speed of the mobile and the battery backup? In the case of laptops, there are even more things which you cannot check right there at the public place.


e) What if the product doesn’t work out?

Say you do everything a buyer can do. You negotiate for a better price; you ask good questions, and you also do some serious inspections before paying the money.But then you come home and discover that the phone’s charging speed is not good, or the laptop’s webcam or CD-drive is not working.
Well, in that case, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME!!

Shopping on Congratulations on getting a new iphone at a secondhand price.

If you’ve come across this amazing site which sells certified refurbished secondhand products and is looking forward to giving it a try.

Then there are a few points worth noting

a) Easily find what you want

Just type the iPhone or MacBook model you’re looking for and it’s more likely to
appear at the top in search results.

b) Do some research works

Know everything about what you’re getting; know when the model was originally released; check the warranty period and duration of buyback offer. In case of queries, talk to the twenty-four hours customer service which is just a single click away.

c) Meeting the seller

No need to do that. Just place the order and relax. has a fully integrated logistics to deliver your order right at your doorstep.


d) How to do the inspection?

Be assured that at Secondhandkart, every product passes two phases of rigorous checking. Moreover, since the product has been refurbished by the manufacturer, it’s bound to have all the vital peripherals such as battery, speaker, camera, charger, headset, motherboard, mouse-pad etc. replaced. However, for your satisfaction, you can reread the warranty details.

e) What if the product doesn’t work out?

This is not likely, but even firsthand products don’t work out sometimes, isn’t it? In that case, call secondhandkart’s customer service and they’ll assist you. In case the problem is not solved, they’ll either take the return with a full refund or replace the product.

Bottom Line

Buyer’s assurance is the most important thing when it comes to secondhand products. On OLX, a buyer may feel all alone without any assistance or refund option, but Secondhandkart makes every possible effort to ensure that all a buyer has to do is to relax and enjoy expensive products at striking low prices along with full warranty and buyback offers.

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