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Return Policy

Secondhandkart Return Policy

Our return policy covers the following cases:

A.Faulty and damaged products.
B.The Product you received is not the one you ordered.
C.The product is fine but you have change of mind.

In any of the above cases, you can return the product.
Generally, our sellers respond to your return request within 3 days. If it gets longer, you can call Secondhandkart for help,

Terms and Conditions for Return on Secondhandkart

  • The product must be in the exact condition as it was delivered by the seller.
  • No tag/label/QR code/MR code should be removed.
  • Damages occurring during the return shipping can lead to the reduction of refund amount.
  • All items in the package should be returned in intact position.
  • The return request must be raised within 2 days after delivery. 
  • Making excessive returns for no reason can lead to account suspension and legal actions.

Start return request:

  • Go to your purchase history.
  • Select the product you want to return.
  • Specify the reason for return.
  • For damaged condition, upload pictures that show what’s wrong.
  • Click on “send request”.

Within 3 days, the seller will respond you on the email based on your return reason.

A.Faulty/Damaged/Different product
The seller can propose either of the following:
i. Allow you to return the product and offer you a full refund. It will also cover shipping costs.
ii. Ask you to keep the product and offer you a partial refund.
iii. Ask you for more details.
iv. They can offer something else in exchange.

B.For Change of mind about the product
The seller can do either of the following:
i. Allow you to return the product and make a full refund. This may not cover the shipping costs.
ii. Ask you to keep the product and offer a partial refund.
iii. Decline your request. If you have a change of mind, then sellers can decline your return request since they haven’t done anything wrong.
iv. They can ask for more details.
v. They can offer something else in exchange

Check Your Return Status

After you’ve made a request, you can check your return status in the purchase history.


Sending back the products

If the seller accepts your return request, you should ship the product through tracked courier within 5 days.

Whether you will get your shipping cost depends on your reason of return.

• Please use tracked shipping only. For Secondhandkart’s return label, the tracking is already added. For some other return label, please add the tracking details.
•Pack the item well. In case the product gets damaged during shipping, your refund amount can be reduced.So better pack it well.


Get Your Refund

Once the seller has received the product, you will be refunded within 2-5 days (based on your banking service).

Ask Secondhandkart for Help

We encourage you to wait for 3 days for the seller to look into your query.
However, if the seller doesn’t respond or you feel like your request isn’t going anywhere, you can ask Secondhandkart to intervene.


Cancel Your Request

If you no longer want to return the product, you can stop the return request before shipping the product.

• Go to purchase history
• If your return request is on, click on “request status”
• Click on close/cancel request. You may or may not provide the reason.

Please keep in mind that once you close the return request, you can make another return request on the same product.

Terms and Conditions

a. Provide a clear and valid reason for return.
b. Return all the items in a package.
c. Do not make excessive returns without valid reasons. This way, not only your account will be suspended but you can also be liable for legal actions.
d. Pack the item well. Sellers can reduce the refund or even cancel it if the product they received is different from what they sent you.
e. Make the return request within the return deadlines.



1. What if the seller doesn’t respond to my return request?
If it’s more than 3 days and the seller hasn’t responded, call Secondhandkart. You should raise return request in chat.
2. Is tracked shipping necessary?
It’s for your help. If the shipping is tracked, you can know whether the seller has received the product or not.
3. If I make excessive returns, will my account be suspended?
If you do not have valid reasons for all the return requests you make, then your account can be suspended.Even Legal actions might happen if there is any misuse of the return policy.
4. Why do I receive a reduced return?
This can happen if the product gets damaged in your hand or while it was on the way back to the seller.
5. Can I return a part of my order?
Let’s understand with an example.
If you purchased two phones and you want to return one, then you can do that.However, you cannot interchange the charger or anything else.
The point is that you have to return the complete package.