How Refurbished Products help to Protect the Environment!


What Generally Happens :-

New models of laptops and Smartphones are launched almost every day and slight updates and enhanced features always tempt us to get rid of our existing devices and buy the new one. While we may think that all we need is to spare a few Dollars or Rupees or Euros, the environmental costs are much higher than what we can imagine.

To understand, let’s look at the following points:

a)The batteries and circuit boards in electronic devices contain elements like Cadmium, Lead, Sulfuric Acid,
Beryllium, and Bromine. When in use, they are safe, but during manufacturing and destroying, they not only
consume a lot of fossil fuel but also cause a lot of pollution.

b)Dr. Eric William and Ruediger Kuehr, Professors of Rochester Institute of Technology have found that just manufacturing a normal computer monitor needs more than 100kg chemicals and over a ton of fossil fuels.

c)In the book “Natural Capitalism”, researcher Paul Hawkins states that 4000 to 1 is the ratio of the volume of material required for manufacturing a new laptop. It means that for manufacturing a 2kg laptop, 8 tons of chemicals and fuels are used.


d)In India, more than a million Smartphones and laptops are dumped every year. In the USA, this data goes over 3 million. In the European Union, more than 1.5 laptops are sent to the landfills every year.

e)Radiations in the environment and seeping of chemicals in the land are something that doesn’t need any explanation.

What’s The Solution ?


The good thing about innovation and technology is that they eventually figure out a solution to every problem, and the environmental impact of electronic devices is no exception. It’s very relieving to see that startups such as Secondhandkart have taken an initiative to protect the environment by creating a revolution of Certified Refurbished Products.

a)According to Eric William and Ruediger Kuehr, adding extra life to laptops save at least 20 times more energy as compared to manufacturing a new one.

b)They also state that more than 75% of energy is consumed before a new electronic device is brought into use. This means that by refurbishing, we’re not going back to invest the already used 75% energy again.

c)By using Refurbished products, we can reduce the pressure on mining and landfill sites. This leads to less cutting of trees and eventually protecting the environment.

d)It also promotes the reduction of fossil fuels. It is estimated that refurbishing requires 25 times less fossil fuel than manufacturing a new device.


Bottom Line

Refurbished electronic items available at Secondhandkart are not different from new devices. They get their hardware replaced, software reloaded, and they come with warranties similar to the new devices. And what’s more? Well, you also get the proud feeling of protecting the Environment.

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