Five Things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing a Refurbished Product


Refurbished products have become the new definition of saving money on expensive electronic devices such as iPhones and Macbooks and other high-end products. A refurbished Smartphone or laptop costs at least 30% cheaper than a new product. Of course, this is a tempting offer, given that you also get the warranty.

However, keeping the following points in mind before making our choice of refurbished products will prevent us from facing problems in the future:


A. The product should be genuinely refurbished:

When we say this, the first thing we mean is that the product must be refurbished by the manufacturer and not by any third-party assembler.
The second thing is that refurbishing shouldn’t be limited to just minor brush-up and repackaging. The product must go major transformation i.e. all of its vital parts such as battery, speaker, camera, operating system etc must be replaced so that the product works like a new product.
Thankfully, the refurbishing units of leading manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and HP etc do exactly the same.


B. The product should not be too old:

Generally, the products which were launched 4 or 5 years back come at extremely low prices. But despite being made new-like, they are still old and have older software and updates. The best way is to make sure the launching date of the product you are buying isn’t more than 2-3 years back.
At Secondhandkart, you’ll find many products, the firsthand and costly versions of which are still trending.


C. The seller must be GENUINE:

Refurbishing by the manufacturer is essential, and equally important is to buy the product from a trusted seller. When it comes to refurbished products, the role of sellers become crucial. Unfortunately, most sellers do not want to take any responsibility for refurbished products once the deal is done.
This is why you must shop only from trusted and popular platforms such as Secondhandkart and Amazon. These are market leaders and are knows for their best customer service.


D. Certified Refurbished:

One more thing which you should look at is if the product is certified refurbished or not. Every refurbished product must undergo rigorous quality-checking steps and should be put up for sale only after passing through all of them.
At Secondhandkart, every product is taken through more than 40 steps of the rigorous quality-checking process so the buyers don’t have to worry about anything.


E. Warranty:

If a refurbished product is exactly new-like, then it must also carry a long warranty. Refurbished Apple, Samsung and HP products have warranties similar to those of the new variants.

F. Other Facilities:

In addition, a seller which offers easy return and long buyback is definitely a better choice than the one that doesn’t.

As a bottom line, when choosing a refurbished product, you should see that the product checks the boxes of manufacturer refurbished, genuine seller, certification, long warranty, easy return, and long buyback.

If you are looking to save money on expensive electronic devices, then you must check Secondhandkart where you get all these facilities.

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