We are giving an unique value proposition to our valued customers

All the products you purchase on secondhandkart.com comes with a default 1 year buy back warranty. That means you can sell back to secondhandkart within 1 year from the purchased date.

How this buy back works ?

You can raise a buy back request ticket by simply calling our customer support or by mailing to cs@secondhandkart.com

Buy back Request is then reviewedAfter approval of the buy back request , pickup of the product is then arranged by our courier partners.

If pickup is not available in your location, then you need to dispatch the product on your own. In this case, you will be getting reimbursement of upto 200INR

After the product is received at our end, it’s checked by our quality checking team and Buy Back amount is then credited depending on the condition of the product.

How much amount will you get back if you sell back to secondhandkart?

You can sell any products you purchased on secondhandkart.com.The amount you get back depends on the quality and working condition of the product that which we have received.However, the general buy back range will be between 45% to 80% of the purchased price.

That means if you purchased a product of worth say Rs 10,000/- ,Depending on the quality you will get credited back of minimum of Rs 4,500 to maximum of Rs 8,000/-.

Check our warranty policy : http://secondhandkart.com/warranty-policy/