Apple iPhone Vs Android: Which one is Better !


Apple iPhone Vs Android

After Windows and Blackberry walked out of Smartphone OS market, it came down to just the two super-giants which everyone is familiar with: Android and iOS. Combined, they dominate over 99% of all the new Smartphones. To answer which one is better of the two is a very difficult question, but if you’re thinking of buying a Smartphone and wondering which one you should get, then you can compare them based on the following points and narrow down your choices:


To begin with, Android is slightly more customizable than Apple iPhones. While you can change wallpapers and order of the apps on iPhones as well, Android goes a step further to provide you with easy customization with widgets, launchers and shortcuts.



The number of apps present on the Play Store and App Store is not a question since both of them have all the essential and popular apps. But there are a few other points worth considering.


Many people say that apps on the iPhone do not hang as often as they do on Android. Also, Apple has more strict guidelines for apps, and this is why it’s common to find that many apps present on the App Store are more advanced than their Android version.

b.Third-party app providers:

Apple doesn’t allow apps from third-party app providers. It means that if an app is not present on Apple, then you simply cannot use that app on the iPhone. This, however, isn’t a big issue since we already said all the essential apps are available on the App Store. Android, on the other hand, allows third-party app providers, and all the apps with the extension of .apk can be easily installed on Android Smartphones. This may sound like a great thing, but apps from providers other than Play Store may come with virus and malware. As for the bottom line, Apple focuses on users’ safety while Android is more like an open platform.


c.Paid Apps:

Apple has more paid apps as compared to Android. The downside is that many apps which are present for free on Android cost money on iPhone, but the upside is that iPhone users don’t get disturbed by too many ads.

d.Default Apps:

Default apps on iPhone such as Safari, Apple Map, photos etc. are not as good as default apps on Android such as Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail etc. However, opinions may vary based on which platform one is adapted to.


Both Android and iPhone have been bringing in regular updates but they differ in how the updates are installed on users’ devices. For iPhones, everything is controlled by Apple and the updates are not only installed automatically but also prove to be better than the previous ones. For Android, it’s the Smartphone manufacturers which have to provide the updates, and they haven’t proved to be the fastest. You can understand this with the fact that less than 20% of all Android devices use the latest Android Nougat and Android Oreo.



Apple makes most of its revenue through the sales of its devices. It doesn’t have much to do with its users’ data, and this is why Apple is commended for the privacy it delivers. Google doesn’t have this facility and it makes most of its money through ads, and to provide you with customized ads, it has to use your private data. However, Android is also considered as one of the safest platforms in the world.

5.Battery and Storage:

These are the fields where we can say that Android is a winner. Nearly all Android Smartphones come with SD card slots, but iPhones only have internal memory. So, before buying an iPhone, you should think twice about how much space you require. Android Smartphones have also proved to be slightly better than Apple iPhones in terms of battery backup. iPhone’s battery has become extremely thin over the years, and this indeed has affected the capacity.

Market Share

A.Market of New Phones:

If we look at the data of last 12 months as provided by StatCounter, we’ll see that Android has over 75% market share worldwide while Apple iPhone stands at slightly below 23%. In India, Android is even more ahead with 90% and iPhone has just 3%. No doubt, it’s the difference between the costs of the two Smartphones which has caused the gap. While middle and lower class users find it hard to afford Apple iPhones, Android has made an easy clean sweep over them.

B.Refurbished Market:

In the Refurbished market, however, iPhone is the ultimate superstar with more than 50% market share. The reason behind is the low cost and higher resale value. Samsung and other manufacturers are also entering in this market, and so Android is also catching up.

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