Android 10: Features !

Android 10

The wait is finally over. After several months of beta testing and rolling features one by one, Google has finally launched Android 10.

Currently, it’s available only for Pixel Smartphones, but as promised by Google, all other Smartphone brands will have it soon.

Android 10

What’s New in Android 10 ?

A. Use Gesture for Navigation:

This is the most talked-about feature of Android 10. Google has finally added the gesture feature. Now with the swipe of a finger, we will be able to go back, forward and home screen.
Till now, we had to minimize one app to open the other.
Gesture was one feature which the iPhone had as an advantage over Android, but this is now history.

B. Dark Theme:

Are you concerned about your eyes because you have to work on your Smartphone continuously for a long time? The worry is over now. With Android 10’s dark theme feature, the true black color will pose less strain on your eyes.
Also, instead of just changing the color, the dark theme will also change the look of a few apps.
Another advantage of the dark theme is obvious: your battery will last longer.

C. Live Caption:

Having trouble understanding Eminem’s words while listening to Rap God? Fortunately, you don’t need to read lyrics online anymore. The live-caption feature transcripts all the videos and audio files you play with just a single tap. And guess what, you don’t need any internet connection for this.

D. Control your location settings:

Apps won’t be able to know your location when you’re not using the apps. Also, when you open an app which uses your location, you’ll first receive a notification. If you want, then you can disable your location for that particular app.


E. All Privacy options in one place:

The settings for Ads and Apps privacy can now be accessed at one place under the settings tab.

F. Automatic Security Updates:

Currently, the new security features could be added only by manually updating the OS. But in Android 10, your security feature will be updated as soon as it’s added.

G. Focus Mode:

Google has introduced Digital Wellbeing with Android 10.
Do you want to concentrate on the ebook you’re reading? Or are you in a very important conversation with your boss and don’t want any disturbance?

In Android 10, you can enable Focus mode so that distracting notifications are blocked for a certain time. So, your Android Smartphone isn’t disturbing anymore.


H. Parental Controls:

When the entire world was complaining about children using too much mobile, Android was busy finding a solution.
With the new OS, parents will be able to approve which app their children are using. Also, they will be able to set the sleeping time for their kids.

I. Smart Reply:

This is another cool feature added in Android 10. Now, if someone sends you an address in the message, you can instantly open it in the map. The same goes for youtube links and sheets as well.

J. Prioritizing Notifications:

Want your important notifications at the top? Android 10 now lets you prioritize that.

Other New Features at a Glance:

a. 65 new emojis added in Android 10. Some of the top ones are gender-inclusive, wrestling, Sauna etc.
b. Share wi-fi using QR code without having to share the password.
c. Sharing anything from one app to other is now easier and faster.
d. Machine Learning will help your phone understand your routine and optimize the battery accordingly.
e. Make your car’s display your Smartphone with Android Auto.
f. For people with hearing disabilities, hearing aid feature will connect directly to hearing aids via Bluetooth.

Android 10

When will you get Android 10 update?

Currently, Android 10 is available only for Pixel Smartphones. If you use Pixel 2/2XL, Pixel 3/3XL and Pixel 3a/3aXL, you can get your new update now.

For other brands, you may have to wait till late 2019 to enjoy Android 10.

The future is of the foldable Smartphones, and Android 10 is currently the only OS built for this. Foldable Smartphones from Samsung and Xiomi are on the way, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy them.

Now that we have looked at all the important things about the latest OS from Google, let’s compare it with Apple’s new iOS 13. We will choose the most widely discussed grounds such as privacy, media, voice assistant and the new Dark mode.

1. Privacy:

iOS has always been more privacy-centered than Android. The reason is clear: Apple doesn’t make money from users’ data, while Google needs our data to bring us the best ads.
With iOS 13, Apple has made its privacy features even stronger. Now, an app can store users’ data for long only if the users allow it to. Otherwise, the app will have to make a request for it every time.

In Safari as well, third-party trackers cannot get access to your activities anymore.
Anonymous sign-in is another privacy weapon Apple has put in the hands of the users.

In 2019, Google has definitely taken major steps towards improving privacy and securing users’ data.
Automatic security updates, real-time notifications, and enhanced location control are some of the major advancements we will see in Android 10. However, Google cannot stop storing your data for its advantage.

2. Photos and Videos:

By adding live-caption, Android 10 has propelled itself far ahead in terms of video and audio experience. For pictures as well, Google Photos is the only thing you will ever need.
There are easy editing tools, search options, and a huge backup storage of 15GB.

Apple Photos have also made a lot of advancements lately. They excel at focusing on faces and adjusting the intensity and brightness. Apple iCloud also offers you 5GB of free space.

3. Dark Mode:

Both iOS and Android have made it official now. Google has made advancement by adding dark mode theme for calendar and other apps.
Apple also has a separate dark mode theme for notification, widgets, and calendar apps.

Google vs Siri

4. Google Assistance vs Siri:

With iOS 13, Siri has got a new robotic voice and AI capability. It can now read and write literally everything you want.

But when it comes to understanding different types of voices, Google’s Voice assistance proves to be a lot better.
September 2019… the time when the world will see both Android 10 and iOS 13 in iPhone 11 for the first time. Both of them have made revolutionary changes in their operating system and are now ready to see the customers’ reaction.

It will be interesting to see which of them is appreciated more by the audience. But one thing is sure that Android 10 and iOS 13 are going to take us to a new age of Smartphone Technology.

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